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5 Great Artists to Look Out for at the NEW ARTIST FAIR next weekend...


The perception of people who buy art is that they are very wealthy, with a large amount of disposable income. However this perception is slowly changing, with more and more young and middle income families choosing to invest in affordable art.  Art is a great investment; you never know, you could choose to invest in a new artist who goes on to develop a global reputation and become the next big thing. But even if you’re not quadrupling your investment by buying art from an upcoming new Master, you’re displaying your investment where you can see and appreciate it: on your wall, rather than in a portfolio!

When you choose to buy art, it’s important that you treat it like any other investment and ensure that it’s protected. You wouldn’t leave your savings account pin number on your local ATM, nor would you reveal your investment portfolio online. Similarly, you shouldn’t display your artistic investments on your wall without knowing they are covered by adequate insurance. Contact your content insurance provider to update that your new pieces of art work are added to your policy, and that they will be replaced if they are ever stolen. Then you’re free to go ahead and begin your own art collection to be proud of.  Not sure where to start when it comes to buying art from the New Artist Fair? Daunted by the thought of buying art from artists you’ve never heard of before? Here are five great artists who will be displaying their work at the New Artist Fair this September.

John Hobbs



John Hobbs was born in Lancashire in 1967 and he now lives and works in London. Hobbs mostly works in oils and on canvas and his work tends to be either abstract or portrait based. His works are full of colour and texture, and would be a great starting point for any new art collection, particularly if you’re looking to invest in traditional artist medium, rather than photography. Hobbs began his career as a Design and Production Assistant for 2 London based fashion designers having studied at both Blackpool arts college and Chelsea and Westminster college.


Elizabeth M. Williams



Elizabeth M. Williams currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses on capturing human perception through photography. Williams’ photography seeks to freeze-frame that moment when we experience visual ambiguity and then rely on conditioned perception to determine what we are seeing. Derived from urban environments, Williams doesn’t stage her photographs; they are both real and spontaneous, and taken using a simple point and shoot camera technique. Williams’ photography is perfect for the new art collector looking for something thoroughly modern that would fit perfectly into an urban home or apartment space.


Bridget Davies



Bridget Davies was trained at Bretton Hall, University of Leeds. After a spell of teaching fashion and fashion illustration in Milan, Davies worked in the fashion industry for several years as an embroiderer and fashion designer. She now creates art from her studio in West Sussex. Davies creates paintings and fashion illustrations in watercolour, inks, and acrylics, some of which are embellished with ceramics and embroidery. Her paintings and illustrations are elegant and glamorous: perfect for adding a feminine touch to any living environment. Davies' work would be a great investment if you’re looking for something to add ladylike glamour to your living environment.


Michael Wallner



Having started his career in the media industry, Michael Wallner now works out of Wimbledon Art Studios in South London as a full time artist. The focus of Wallner’s work is in digitally manipulating his photographs to produce unusual works of art and installations on a variety of surfaces. Wallner works with a variety of different mediums, including metallic paper, canvas, brushed aluminium, acrylics, and unique ‘colour changing’ inks, which appear to change colour as you walk across the image. Wallner creates original and innovative work which has it’s focus on London: perfect for Anglophiles.


Kenji Lim



Kenji Lim studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, part of Oxford University. Lim graduated in 2002, and now resides in Herefordshire.  Lim creates works by painting, drawing, and in mixed media. The creations have a whimsical and homespun feel. The works invoke feelings of both melancholy and humour in turn. They also have a very masculine energy, so they would be perfect for a bachelor pad!


Art For Everyone


These are just some of the many artists available at the NEW Artist Fair: there really is something available for every taste and every budget. If you've never explored the world of art buying before, why not give the Fair a visit, and see if there's something that takes your fancy?

Article Written By: Lisa Holmes

The New Artist Fair is open Friday 6th September from 6pm-9pm for the Opening Reception, Saturday the 7th from 12pm-6pm and Sunday the 8th from 12pm-6pm. Come along and find something to love!


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